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Bruce Lee said some very deep things:
 "Obey the Principles without being Bound by them" "Use no Way as Way" "Have no limitations as a limitation"
"Empty your Mind, be Formless, Shapeless like Water, now you put Water in a Cup it becomes the Cup, you put Water in a Bottle it becomes the Bottle, You Put Water in a Teacup it becomes the Teacup, now Water can Flow or it can Crash, be Water my Friend" "All Fixed set Patterns are Incapable of Adaptability or Pliability.  The Truth is Outside of all Fixed Patterns" "Notice that the Stiffest Tree is Most Easily Cracked, while the Bamboo or Willow Survives by Bending with the Wind"

We blend three main styles within our system but are not slaves to them.  We like Hapkido for the many locks, throws, traps, sweeps and possible set up transitions to other martial arts techniques flowing like WATER.  We like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because it is the best system to use when the fight goes down to the EARTH which in most cases happens.  We like Tae Kwon Do because of it's FIRE in strategic kicking combinations.  We also love Jeet Kune Do Concepts that say no martial art style is superior to any other style except in what your  able to use it to accomplish at the moment & when & how to transform from one style to another as the situation reveals, like the everchanging WIND.